Skin Care Countdown to Prom

Premier Women’s Health Offers Complimentary Facial Consultations, Products and Special Packages Especially For Teenage Girls – Just in Time for Spring Prom Season

Bay Minette, AL (April 13, 2015) — Spring has arrived, and that means 2015 prom season preparation is in full swing for high school girls on the Gulf Coast. Committed to providing quality care for women at every stage of life, Jessica Thompson, licensed esthetician and laser technician of Premier Women’s Health will offer complimentary skin care consultations, sample product giveaways and special facial packages for teen girls, of all skin types and color, now through April 30th at its Laser Skin Care Center.

With services provided at their clinic locations in Bay Minette and Daphne, Premiere Women’s Laser Skin Care Center (PWLSCC) offers laser skin therapies including hair removal services and corrective laser skin treatments such as photo rejuvenation and acne treatments.

Jessica Thompson, L.E., is an experienced licensed esthetician and laser technician knowledgeable in the latest laser and skin care therapies available. She is devoted to helping each client look and feel their best through the use of advanced and innovative laser and skin care therapies. With more than six years of experience, Jessica has a deep knowledge of laser hair reduction and laser and skin therapies. She spends time getting to know each patient, including taking a thorough history, to better meet the needs of those she serves.

“My goal is to help women – at all stages of life – feel confident in the skin they’re in,” Thompson said. “We offer services to benefit each unique skin type, whether you are a teen dealing with breakouts or a woman with more mature skin looking to regain a youthful glow.”

According to Thompson, putting your best face forward starts with a comprehensive approach to skin care that includes a regimen of detoxification, exfoliation, acne treatment, as well as moisturizing and hydrating skin from the inside out.

“Preparing your skin to look its best for prom or any other special occasion doesn’t begin the day before,” said Thompson. “It takes a few weeks of preparation to create a clear, glowing complexion for your big night.”

But for young women dealing with chronic acne, special events like prom can be a source of anxiety that goes beyond skin deep.  According to Dr. Jeff Fahy, a Yale University-trained and board-certified gynecologist and pelvic surgeon specializing in advance hormone treatments, hormone-related breakouts in teens can significantly contribute to stress and insecurity during a time when many are already experiencing self-doubt.

“When the body transitions from adolescence into the teen years, hormones go into overdrive,” said Dr. Fahy. “As your body begins to produce more of the androgen hormone, the sebaceous glands secrete an excess of oil leading to clogged pores and creating an environment where bacteria can spread and cause inflammation in the skin.”

The professional line of PCA skin care products used by PWLSCC can significantly help to stop this cycle and reduce future breakouts, Fahy said.

PWLSCC will also be offering skin care tips to help teens prepare for prom and giving away samples of PCA skin care products as part of its “Countdown to Prom” Facebook series.

For more information or to schedule a free skin care consultation or facial services appointment before your prom, call 251.937.2380 or visit

Premier Women’s Health “Countdown to Prom”  Tip Sheet

Prom Prep Tip #1 — Detox.

The first step in preparing skin for your special night starts from the inside out. Be sure to hydrate by drinking plenty of water to aid in the skin detoxifying process. Using a microbead scrub will help to exfoliate and remove impurities beneath the skin’s surface. Our PCA Purifying Mask is a highly effective algae and clay mask/scrub that gently exfoliates and detoxifies for ultimate skin purification. After using the treatment, remember to moisturize to replenish and maintain proper cell repair.

Prom Prep Tip #2 — Cleanse.

This week, focus on cleansing the skin from bacteria that can cause breakouts. Using clean hands, gently wash skin with a mild cleanser such as our PCA Facial Wash.  This gentle lactic acid formulation includes a novel cleansing blend that effectively removes environmental impurities and makeup while leaving the skin hydrated, soothed and pH balanced.

Prom Prep Tip #3 — Treat Acne.

By now you may be experiencing some breakouts as result of detoxifying the skin and bringing impurities to the surface. Our PCA Acne Gel is just the ticket! This gentle 2% salicylic acid acne treatment product clears existing acne blemishes and prevents the occurrence of future breakouts.  This week, continue to use a clay-based mask and resist the temptation to pick at the skin or extract blemishes yourself as this will only further irritate the skin.

Prom Prep Tip #4 — Maintain and Moisturize.

During the week leading up to your big night, do not use any harsh product on your skin and resist the urge to wash and scrub aggressively. This week is all about creating that beautiful glow. Our PCA Clearskin Moisturizer is a favorite! This light, hydrating 4% niacinamide formulation contains antioxidants and provides exceptional calming benefits to oily and breakout-prone skin. This advanced hydrator also includes vitamin A, marigold, butcher’s broom and cucumber extracts, and promotes a bright, clear complexion.

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